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M375 Thoroughbreds specializes in computerized pedigree selection, using an objective and proprietary computer program - along with years of hands-on horsemanship - to identify champion racehorses. This concept combines the tradition and prestige of Thoroughbred horse racing with the technology of today's powerful computers. From the extensive research, to the breeding and racing of its Thoroughbreds, M375 sets and achieves many of its goals and invites you to be part of the winning team.


Robert A. Murphy, Jr. is the president and managing partner of M375 Thoroughbreds.  A former major league pitcher, Murphy is also a third-generation horse owner who has been in the Thoroughbred racing and breeding business for over 30 years.  Click here to learn more about his background and M375's charity involvement.


The objective of M375 is to purchase Thoroughbreds that will become successful racehorses and will also become M375 "approved" producers. Our track record shows you how we perform.  We do not mark up our auction purchases. We do not add on monthly or quarterly bills.  We just want you to enjoy your horses.  


For more information about our research, results, and partnerships, please browse our website. Click here for one of our partner's testimonials about being part of the M375 team. 


If you have any questions, please e-mail us. Thank you for visiting...and see you in the Winner's Circle!


The thrill of owning a winning Thoroughbred is great; whether you own 100% of that winner, or if you own just 10%, the euphoria is the same. By owning a race horse in partnership, you only pay a percentage of the cost, but experience ALL of the fun!


While the number of partners on a horse may vary, most of our partnerships have between four and six investors.  Partners pay a one-time fee -- there are no on-going expenses.


As general partnerships, M375 investors are able to take advantage of Thoroughbred racing's lucrative tax benefits.  Please consult your tax advisor as to your personal situation.


Since M375 is a smaller operation, partners enjoy a close relationship with the managing partner, who keeps investors informed and educated every step of the way.


There are many resources for new and existing owners.  A great place to start is Thoroughbred OwnerView, produced by The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association.

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