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Robert A. Murphy, Jr. is the president and managing partner of M375 Thoroughbreds.  A former major league pitcher, Murphy is also a third-generation horse owner who has been in the Thoroughbred racing and breeding business for over 30 years.  


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M375 is actually a tribute to Murphy's favorite horse, the 1977 Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew.  M375, turned upside down, reads like SLEW.  (See the animation in the upper right-hand corner of this website!)


While attending the University of Florida, Murphy majored in computer science.  These were the days before personal computers and when programs were printed on cards and yards of data were spit out of an IBM printer that took up a whole room.  Murphy named his program after his hero, but the monster machine insisted on printing ‘Slew’ upside down.  The students tried everything they knew to make the printer type the names right side up and failed.  They did, however, think Murphy was a genius when his cards were the only ones to come out with the proper name—hence the program became M375.


Below is a sampling of letters and stories showing the charitable work M375 and Rob Murphy have done through the years.  We are very proud that our race horses can now contribute to these worthy endeavors.  (Click image for enlarged view.)

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